Parties at work…

A recent poll of Insurance workers was undertaken to understand why:

1. they attended social gatherings at work; or
2. took part in corporate entertaining

The results make for interesting reading…..

• A huge 74% advised they did so, adding they were representing their company, department, team, and themselves. Further, when asked why, their response was that they saw attending such functions as a part of their work responsibilities and that they were an essential part of communicating with colleges, suppliers, and clients.
• Only 4% saw these events as a freebie, an opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves.
• Interestingly 22% would never mix work with their personal life and would keep both very separate.

These results raise many challenges and reasons for debate.

1. Is a party really a party? (For all those long-suffering partners – yes, they really are working!)

2. With almost 75% of those asked seeing these events as a part of their day-to-day work, and on the whole, they are unpaid, what training and help do employers give to help staff meet the demands of these events.

3. Have the 22% who will not take part got it right?

4. When recruiting, do we need to establish the candidate’s attitude to these events as obviously they can be an integral part of the business environment.

5. Insurance has and remains a social industry.  This does not appear to have changed even in the recent environment.

The biggest asset in Insurance is our people. Are we developing and ensuring their success in all areas?

Navigating these challenges and opportunities you just need to have the right people advising who can steer you through them.

We can help.